Pre-Sale Questions

We can ship Everywhere via DHL Express (Russia ONLY USPS — as your laws prohibit B2P or B2B).   Please see our terms and conditions page for more information on shipping.

All shipping charges are discounted from published rates.  Rates are based upon your location and the weight/value of the items in your cart.   Once you enter your shipping address during checkout, all available shipping options and prices will be displayed.   Please be aware, if you are shipping Internationally, you may also be responsible for duties or VAT upon receipt.   This is not something that we charge or collect, but your Country.

Our normal processing time is just 1-3 days.  Most items will ship the very same day of order.  However, some items, based upon color and demand, may have extended processing times.  In this event we will post these times directly on the items product page — just above the add to cart button.  Please also note the shipping method selected has no effect on processing times.  This is only the method used for shipping and effects the time in transit once shipped.

The most up-to-date product information is listed directly on the products page in the description (directly above the ‘Add To Cart’ Button).  And changes to availability and lead-times are updated there in real-time.

Sorry.  Since the FDA’s August 8th deeming regulations, Credit Card Processors Terms and Conditions, as well as some State Laws, this has now become a requirement for Age-Verification of Vape Related products.   We will always email you with your tracking number when orders ship which will give you the expected date of delivery.  If you will not be home to accept your delivery, you can contact the carrier and arrange to pick up your parcel at your local carriers hub with ID.

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to accept PayPal any longer.  We had taken it for the last 2+ years and just recently they advised us it needed to be removed from our site as vape related products are against their Acceptable Use Policy.
Available methods are displayed during checkout and are based upon your country.   We are constantly searching for other methods to allow for an easy checkout experience.

Please understand we are not the ones who approve or decline the transaction but your Bank/Card.  The processor requires an address verification check, so it will produce a decline if your Bank does not share this information or it is a mismatch from your cards physical Billing Address.  If you are sure you are entering the correct address, please contact you Bank/Card to verify what they have on file.  Sorry, we can not offer the credit card payment option for alternate shipping addresses.  We do offer other options that no address verification is necessary.

If you received an error message during checkout, no funds have been collected by our processor.  It is most probably just an Authorization you are seeing.  Your bank may have authorized the amount but declined the transaction due to the required address verification (as mentioned above).  This amount will never be deducted from your bank/card as your bank declined the transaction.

Boxer does have Authorized Dealers around the globe.   Please see the Where to Buy page for a dealer close to you.

Post-Sale Questions

Please remember all Boxer Mods are customs Mods and handmade by one of our highly trained techs.  We try to stock each and every unit in all 10 available colors, but occasionally, with the vast amount of product and high demand,  this can sometimes be impossible.   For models not in stock, we post availability directly in the products description so that you can be aware of the lead-time prior to ordering.  These are simply “approximations“.  Your units can ship sooner or slightly later based upon color and demand.   We are constantly updating the availability, so please check back to the products page for more information if your product has not shipped yet.

For units with a Evolv chipset, please make sure you have the latest Escribe software on your PC.  You can download this directly from Evolv’s website.  Once you connect your device to Escribe, it will notify you if a firmware update is available.  Simply click the link within Escribe to update the firmware.

For units with a YiHi Chipset, we keep the latest version of firmware directly on each products page.  Just add it to your cart and checkout for FREE.  You’ll then get a link to download the firmware.  Also, please see YiHi’s website for their most current SXi-Q software for your PC (and soon Mac) so you can load this firmware to your device.

For most models, we offer a silicone protective sleeve in 25+ color/design options.   To clean your unit just use a little non-abrasive soapy water and a non-linting cloth — using care not to get any water on the electronics.   We also recommend wiping the unit down with Armor All Protectant.  This will give the unit an added layer of protection against possible fading from juice spills, direct sunlight or oil in your hands and bring out the color even further.   Simply re-apply when necessary.   For users wishing to change their color or re-dye their units, we have tested a product called iDye-Poly and it is about $3.00 per application and offered in over 100+ colors.

Boxer BF Mech Squonk Maintenance:
Being a mech mod there is not much to it for it to go wrong.   As long as the positive contact hits the 510 ring connection is made.
If you unit is not firing some simple maintenance may be required.
  1. Please make sure the 510 ring is tightened on the pin.  It is held on by a small grub screw and an Allen key will tighten the screw.
  2. Make sure the 510 pin assembly itself is fully screwed into the 510 collar.  If not, the pin of your RDA may not reach the spring loaded pin of the RDA.
  3. Also make sure the BF pin on your RDA is not screwed in too far to your RDA.
  4. And lastly, Remove the screw holding the positive contact into the peek disk.  Clean this contact with some non-abrasive soapy water.  Let air dry or use a hair dryer.  Reattach and any dust or debris that may have effected the conductivity will be removed.
To change the tension and throw of the fire switch:
We have designed this unit to be completely user maintainable.  This includes adjusting the switch to the tension you prefer.
  1. The first and easiest is to simply adjust the screw which holds the positive contact on the bottom.  The tighter this screw is, the less tension on the switch.  Loosen it will push the contact into the switch for a more secure or tighter feel.
  2. If that is not enough adjustment, you can remove the contact from the unit.  The bend at the corner should be around 100°.  Increase this bend 110° – 130° and it will push and hold the switch even more — removing any rattle and requiring more effort to press.  Too much of a bend and you wont be able to slide it up to lock.
And of course, if you are still experiencing any type of issue or need help making any adjustments, our techs will be more than happy to make them for you, full test the unit to make sure it is 100% working and get it right back out to you.   Please simply request a RMA.

Please send us an email to info@gingervaper.com with your original order number and as much detailed information as possible.  Often it is a simple fix that we can help troubleshoot with you.   If the units needs to be shipped in for repair/exchange, we will email you with a RMA form which includes the proper shipping address — We have a few addresses, and the form will show the proper one based upon the issue.   Please complete this form and include with your return.   Please do NOT just ship back a unit and without the RMA form.   This will only delay the process.

We are sorry, but we are unable to give a status of your RMA or the exact date when it will be returned back to you. Most often repairs are being sent to our techs location and not to our customer service center.

Repair, warranty or upgrades will “usually” take between 1 day and 7 days.  If an issue needs to be duplicated as well as fully tested afterwards to make sure it doesn’t reoccur this can extend the time our tech have the unit.

Please save your tracking number to make sure it has been delivered to us.  The techs will contact you if they have any issues or questions.  No news is good news.  Once completed, they will email you with the work done and the tracking number back to you.

The Products contained on this site are intended for sale to adults 21 years or older.

If you are not legally able to purchase our products in the area in which you live, please do not enter this site.